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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

The Vink Beef Calf Puller is a heavier version of the standard model

  • The rump frame is 57cm for heavy European breeds
  • This more robust calf puller enables more traction
  • The Vink Beef Calf Puller also comes with a added advantage of alternate traction
  • The Vink Beef Cattle Calving Jack is an upgraded version of the standard and famous Vink Calving Jack. It is specially constructed of heavy duty stainless steel components to fit larger beef cattle. 
  • The main pole is 1.8m long and is a larger tube made of heavier material. The rump frame is enlarged to 57cm width
  • The frame is also of stronger materials to prevent any bending, and the traction device features a longer handle for greater power with reduced effort in difficult births.
  •  The pull is sequential on this model, to reduce birthing trauma with large calves.

Bainbridge Vink Beef Calf Puller A2049 (Loss Leader)

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